Rates and Policies

Lesson rates are $20 per half-hour, $35 per hour. Payment can be in cash, check or online via PayPal.

Most students do lessons in a regular time slot that occurs weekly. I also have a limited number of one hour slots that occur every other week. Currently, I don’t offer half hour slots that are every other week.

The lessons take place at my home teaching studio, located on Glenwood Ave. in Greensboro.

Over the years, I’ve searched for a payment and cancellation policy that takes into account the logistics of time tabling up to 40+ students per week while still remaining fair to both me and the student.

For weekly lessons, here are my policies:

Payment Policy

  • Lessons are prepaid for each calendar month. Payment for the next month’s lessons is due on the last lesson of the month (for example, payment for lessons in April is due the last week of March).
  • Lesson fees are non-refundable.

For canceled lessons, my policy is:

  • A lesson can be canceled free of charge if the student gives at least 1 week of notice for the cancellation. If that lesson has already been paid for, I’ll credit the cost of it to the following month.
  • No more than one lesson can be canceled free of charge in a month.
  • If less than 1 week of notice is given for a canceled lesson, the student will be charged for it. It is possible to reschedule lessons in this case, if I have an opening that works for the student’s schedule.
  • If I need to cancel a lesson, the student won’t be charged for it. If the lesson I cancel has already been paid for, a credit will be given to the following month.

For lessons scheduled every other week, the same policies as above apply except:

  • Only 1 lesson can be missed free of charge every 2 months.