Students playing in the guitar recital

The next recital is scheduled for May 19, 2018

Once a year, I hold an optional recital for my students. Participation in my recitals is completely optional. Some students really love having the opportunity to play for other people, while other students can be shy, too early in their guitar development, or just simply too busy to participate. I’m fine with both types of students, but I like to give students the opportunity to perform if they want to.

While I never pressure students to participate, I welcome and encourage involvement in my recitals by any student. Whether the student is an adult or a kid, a recent beginner or at an intermediate/advanced level, anyone stands to benefit from participating.

Three students playing in the guitar recital
There are a lot of things to be gained from taking part in recitals, such as:

  • It’s great motivation for practice.
  • It builds confidence both in terms of music and for life in general.
  • It’s a great way to meet other guitarists who are at a similar level of playing.
  • It’s fun to see what other students have been working on, as well as sharing with others what you’ve worked on.
  • It keeps the student and instructor focused on what this is all really about: achieving real playing ability with full songs and sharing your music with other people.

Here are a couple videos from one of the recitals:

Corey playing his original song “Echos”, with me accompanying him:

Scott playing “Crossroad Blues” by Robert Johnson, with me accompanying him: