Kelly Harrill (via Google +):
“I was introduced to Andy about two years ago from a good friend that was taking lessons from him and recommended him highly. As a beginner guitarist, I was naturally apprehensive but from the very first lesson Andy put me at ease and had me playing my first two chord song by the end of the lesson. Over the last two years with Andy he continues to impress me with how patient he is with me as we continue to try new and increasingly more difficult songs. Andy is an extremely talented musician that has the perfect personality for teaching others and I would recommend him to anyone young or old that is looking to take lessons.”

Corey Hobbs:
“Thanks for the inspiration and for being an awesome friend. You were the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had and were a big piece to the puzzle when it came to creating this album. Without you and everything you taught me, this album would probably not have been made or would have been something very different. Thanks again for everything.”

Claire Whittum (via Google +):
“My 11 y/o daughter takes lessons from Andy. He is extremely talented, patient and an excellent teacher. His teaching style and personality allow her to be very comfortable, and she is learning and progressing at a great pace. Highly recommended!!!”

Cheryl H. (via Thumbtack.com):
“I started my 12 year old son without any prior guitar experience. Andy has the perfect temperament for a teacher. He is clearly very talented and knowledgeable, but also very patient and understanding. I would definitely recommend him!”

Raymond Brooks, drummer for Just3 and former drummer for The Storytellers:
“Not often you would have a drummer give a testimony on playing with a guitarist. However, playing with Andy Lemaire has been a great experience. He is definitely a man of integrity. He is professional, shows up to a gig on time, very talented, learns quickly and is flexible with different genres. He has a great ear for highlighting what each musician is playing during a performance. Andy is very detailed to dynamics for each song played. Drummers mainly click with the bassist of the group in the way they play (including me), however, every time I play with Andy, I catch myself flowing with what rhythms he’s playing on the guitar. Musicians, if you’re looking for a guitarist to fill in, join your group, to teach, or just work on a project, Andy Lemaire is ‘Tha Man’!!”

Norm Caroll:
“I’m retired and was looking to finally pick up the guitar just to strum some of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs. Did that and then realized that I wanted to do more. I started with Andy nine months ago and he has me not only playing but actually understanding how to play the blues and more. It’s a relaxed and fun way to learn the guitar from someone who sincerely enjoys and is good at teaching music.”