Looking for Guitar Lessons in Greensboro NC?

Hi, I’m Andy Lemaire, a guitar teacher in Greensboro, North Carolina. I teach guitar and ukulele lessons to students aged 8 and up, ranging from complete beginners to advanced students. I have 12 years of experience teaching guitar, and I've played for 23 years.

Core beliefs of my teaching philosophy:

  • The ultimate goal is to cultivate enthusiasm and love for the guitar in the student. Learning and playing the guitar should be fun.
  • Learning happens best in a peaceful environment, free of anxiety and pressure.
  • Lessons should be relevant to the type of music the student is passionate about.
  • Concepts should build in a progressive, logical way.

Are you a beginner?

I have plenty of experience working with beginners of all ages. I don’t waste time doing boring exercises from method books. Starting in the first lesson, we begin working on learning real songs and the most practical techniques. We'll focus on working out the mechanics of playing. Most beginners are able to strum through a simple song by the end of their first lesson.

Been playing awhile?

For intermediate/advanced students, my first priority is to evaluate what needs to be done to take their playing to the next level. I determine which techniques need to be adjusted and developed, and which areas of theoretical understanding are missing. I then put together a program where we develop these areas of playing while examining their use in the student's preferred musical style.

With all students, things that I specialize in are:

  • Creating a thoughtful, planned, unique teaching approach for each student.
  • Developing flowing, tension-free technique
  • Analyzing problems the student is having, and creating strategies to fix those problems

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guitar lessons with andy lemaire

Andy has been working with my daughter for over a year now. She loves going and practices all the time on her own! I think this is because Andy does such a great job of letting the student pick songs of personal interest. Andy’s musical expertise and background attribute to the extensive music theory my daughter is learning. He is a true professional. We couldn’t have picked a better guitar instructor in Greensboro!”

- Mendy Y. (via Google)

You can see more testimonials here.

I've been taking lessons with Andy for 3 years. Two things stand out. First, Andy is clearly an accomplished musician. He knows how to play the guitar and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. Second, he is able to communicate his knowledge in a way that others learn. Many experts are not good teachers. Andy is gifted at both. He listens well to understand which songs I would like to play, and he is able to provide instruction on how to improve. He is a fantastic problem-solver, helping me move from feeling stuck to feeling satisfied playing a piece of music. My skill level continues to increase. And I enjoy the process."

- Darren O. (via Google)


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Teaching Philosophy

Learn more about my beliefs and approaches for teaching students of different ages and skill levels.

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