Online Lessons

Quality Assured

I’ve been offering online guitar and ukulele lessons since the Spring of 2020.

Since then, I’ve developed solid methods for teaching in this format, and am quite comfortable with it. I’ve seen many students thrive while learning online, all while enjoying the convenience of doing so from their own homes.

I have the equipment needed to ensure good audio and video quality, so that the student can have a great experience learning the guitar / ukulele online.

Tech Setup for Online Lessons

You don’t need much in order to do online lessons. I’ve seen some students get by just fine using only their phone.

Of course, with a larger the screen and faster internet connection, you’ll have an even better experience. But, these things are supplements, they aren’t absolutely necessary.

Scheduling and Rates for Online Lessons

My rates and policies for scheduling, payment, and cancellations are all the same for online lessons as they are for in-person lessons. We’ll just log on to Zoom at your scheduled lesson time, instead of you coming to my studio.

Advantages of Online Lessons

Online lessons need not be thought of as inferior to in-person lessons. In fact, they offer some advantages over the traditional format.

Simple convenience. It’s easier to fit a lesson into your schedule when you don’t need to take the time to drive to the teacher’s studio. You can stay in the comfort of your own home, and put that extra time to good use (like, for instance, practicing!). Most of my online students choose to do their lessons online for this very reason!

Easily record video examples. Zoom makes it easy to record all or a portion of your lesson with just a click of a button. My online students will often make quick video recordings of me explaining or demonstrating something so they can refer back to it when practicing.

The student develops a better sense of rhythm. Online lessons force a student to rely on their own sense of rhythm. It’s easy to default to playing along with the teacher to learn a new rhythm when doing lessons in-person. Online lessons push a student to develop their own sense of where the beat is, how to figure out a rhythm from reading rhythm notation, and how to play independently.

Better use of online/app based tools. Using a computer for online lessons means we can make better use of the array of digital learning tools that are available. Zoom also has useful screen sharing and audio sharing functions, which makes online tools easy to utilize in lessons.

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