Eve M.

Parent | Google Review

“Andy had us at hello. Unequivocally, music makes up Andy’s soul and because of that he is an incredible teacher. My fourteen-year-old son has been taking lessons with Andy for nearly five years, Andy’s extreme patience and his desire to share his passion for music is evident in every single lesson. My son could play a song after his first lesson- Andy gently incorporates theory inito the vibe- making it interesting, making my son want to keep going back. Andy adds a beautiful layer to my son’s life. . During the pandemic Andy went online- saving my kid from the monotony of being stuck at home. A few months ago we moved away from NC- my son’s one stipulation was that he continued lessons with Andy- he has no desire to find another teacher: for him it is Andy or no one at all. Through the bedroom door I hear the ZOOM lessons. Tuesday evenings are my favorite night of the week. I hear Andy encourage my son- I hear his great patience when my son is strumming when he should be listening. I hear my son speak and I know Andy is listening. But my favorite part is the end of the lesson, when Andy encouarges my son to play something and he improvises in the background. Man, is he good- Every penny and every minute spent with Andy is worth it- his entire groove will be music to your ears.”

Barry B.

Student | Google Review

“What I love about Andy is that he truly takes the individual student’s desire into account when creating lessons. I’ve “played” guitar for 25 years, but never took a lesson until about a year ago with Andy. He assessed my playing, listened to what I thought I wanted to learn, then helped me develop goals for my practice and playing. Andy even learns new songs I want to play and tabs them just for me. I feel fortunate to have found Andy: his studio has a relaxed and friendly environment, he is encouraging, and he keeps me challenged while letting me help choose the direction I go with my playing. You won’t find a better guitar teacher in the Triad area.”

Steve B.
Student | Facebook Review

“I’m an adult beginner and Andy has been great to work with. He keeps things simple and stays focused on building upon prior work. One thing that I really appreciate is his commitment to building a firm foundation for the future. He also explains the reason for what we are doing, as well as explains why he is correcting a particular bad habit. Andy has also been very helpful with me as an older adult beginner. He has been very good about making small changes in my playing position to help my aging body learn a new skill while keeping me as pain-free as possible, despite my pre-existing injuries and joint conditions. He is also very affirming in his approach, with plenty of reassurance and positive feedback. When he offers correction, it is offered in an affirming manner. Andy has been great to work with and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Janeann A.
Student | Google Review

“Andy is fantastic! He has the attributes of a great teacher – a wealth of knowledge, knows all genres of music and is very patient. I came to Andy after trying to learn at home for a year and what a difference! I’ve learned so much faster and with better technique. He knows when I’m ready for the next level. I’m looking forward to continuing working and playing guitar with him.”

Claire W.
Parent | Google Review

“My 11 y/o daughter takes lessons from Andy. He is extremely talented, patient and an excellent teacher. His teaching style and personality allow her to be very comfortable, and she is learning and progressing at a great pace. Highly recommended!!!”

Tim K.
Student | Google Review

“A Google search for local guitar instruction back in 2018 led me to a review that a student of Andy’s had written and it sounded like the perfect fit for me.Hopefully my review might do the same for someone else. I was sneaking up on another decade older and had been putting off something I wanted to do forever, so I reached out to Andy. Unfortunately he didn’t have any openings at the time, but within a couple of months I became a student. Andy teaches from a dedicated space in his house so it’s easy to stay focused on instruction. He is very patient and teaches a very broad spectrum of music. I’ve witnessed his interaction with younger musicians and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to parents wanting solid guitar/ ukulele instruction for their child. That patience also translates to adults like myself who can become easily frustrated with challenges – Andy slows it down and breaks it apart to help the student succeed. I’ve built a stronger love for the guitar and have an understanding that I thought would be beyond my reach. Andy does a great job of mixing theory and practical instruction with teaching songs that students want to learn. Andy took the precaution with Covid to offer virtual instruction and he quickly figured out how to make the platform work, offering tips on how to adjust settings to improve sound quality. I highly recommend Andy Lemaire for guitar instruction.”

Akshay S.
Student | Google Review

“As an adult beginner, I didn’t know what to expect; but was pleasantly surprised after attending my first class. Andy has been an excellent teacher and helping me tremendously on my journey of studying guitar. He has been patient and encouraged me to explore different forms of music while making progress. The lessons are well planned and designed to challenge the student to develop skill and improve understanding. I have learnt to play many of my favourite songs. I look forward to each lesson and am excited to keep learning more and improving. I started taking guitar lessons with Andy in 2017. I have attended both in-person classes and now do online classes as I have moved away. I would like to point out the excellent setup for both camera and microphones that allow students to observe the guitar and hear each note clearly during an online class.”

Kim H.
Parent | Google Review

“My 14 year old has been a student of Andy’s for 2+ years. He had instructors prior to Andy, but they weren’t able to interest him. Andy is a fantastic musician/teacher, and he has consequently made my son a better guitarist. We would highly recommend him to any aspiring guitarist.”

Leah E.
Student | Google Review

“Andy is not only an incredible guitar teacher but one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the privilege to learn from. He has the patience of a saint. Especially when I have a million questions and techniques I ask about. He is always knows how to help no matter what direction I am taking to learn. I can’t believe how much I can do only after picking up the guitar only 6 months ago!! I can’t thank him enough.”

Raymond Brooks
Drummer & Bandmate
Raymond’s Website

“Not often you would have a drummer give a testimony on playing with a guitarist. However, playing with Andy Lemaire has been a great experience. He is definitely a man of integrity. He is professional, shows up to a gig on time, very talented, learns quickly and is flexible with different genres. He has a great ear for highlighting what each musician is playing during a performance. Andy is very detailed to dynamics for each song played. Drummers mainly click with the bassist of the group in the way they play (including me), however, every time I play with Andy, I catch myself flowing with what rhythms he’s playing on the guitar. Musicians, if you’re looking for a guitarist to fill in, join your group, to teach, or just work on a project, Andy Lemaire is ‘Tha Man’!!”

Norm C.
Student | Thumbtack Review

“Great teacher providing a laid back learning experience. I’m a drummer and never thought I could learn something like the guitar but Andrew proved that wrong. He has a favorite style but has no problem going with what you want to learn. He even helps me with my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs. If you are looking for a great learning experience, go with Andy.”

Sherri W.
Parent | Google Review

“My 10-year old son has been taking guitar lessons from Andy for over a year and has been really enjoying the lessons and making progress in what he’s learning. Andy has enriched his life with his love of music and his knowledge and talent. We are so grateful to him and can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!”

Corey Hobbs


“Thanks for the inspiration and for being an awesome friend. You were the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had and were a big piece to the puzzle when it came to creating this album. Without you and everything you taught me, this album would probably not have been made or would have been something very different. Thanks again for everything.”

Kim S.
Parent | Google Review

“Andy is great! He is patient with kids and let’s them go at their pace. My son has thrived with Andy. Andy let’s him pick the music he wants to learn from the bands that he is interested in, and I feel like that encourages him to want to learn more. I highly recommend Andy!.”

Blair P.
Student | Google Review

“Taking guitar lessons can be an intimidating experience. Andy has a very understanding and empathetic style that makes the experience of learning guitar enjoyable. He has worked with me on both acoustic and electric guitar over the last 5 years and I have grown to love playing the guitar. I have learned how to play increasingly more complex pieces and with varying techniques that I could never imagined playing. It is challenging but extremely rewarding. As instructor he challenges you to become better which in the end is very rewarding. I am impressed by his ability to authentically replicate music and teach you how to play as the song was originally played. I highly recommend!”

Beau T.
Student | Google Review

“I have been taking lessons for over 3 years. I started with zero knowledge or experience with a guitar. The more I learn…the more I learn I don’t know. But Andy has been great at teaching in a way that works for me. Andy knows his stuff and it’s fun to watch him play so effortlessly. His lessons are very casual and his calm demeanor really help limit the frustration involved with learning a musical instrument. Both my son and daughter take lessons from Andy as well and he does an amazing job with them. I never dreamed I could play some of the songs I am able to play now. It has been a great experience!”

Darren O.
Student | Google Review

“I’ve been taking lessons with Andy for 3 years. Two things stand out. First, Andy is clearly an accomplished musician. He knows how to play the guitar and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. Second, he is able to communicate his knowledge in a way that others learn. Many experts are not good teachers. Andy is gifted at both. He listens well to understand which songs I would like to play, and he is able to provide instruction on how to improve. He is a fantastic problem-solver, helping me move from feeling stuck to feeling satisfied playing a piece of music. My skill level continues to increase. And I enjoy the process.”

Lance O.
Student | Google Review

“I have been taking lessons from Andy since January 2021. He is amazingly supportive and provides a great balance of structure and spontaneity both within the lesson and for practicing throughout the week. His knowledge and experience with teaching has helped me play in different styles and in learning theory. He’s helped me improve, understand, and enjoy guitar in an all new way. Highly recommended!”

Cheryl H.
Parent | Thumbtack Review

“I started my 12 year old son without any prior guitar experience. Andy has the perfect temperament for a teacher. He is clearly very talented and knowledgeable, but also very patient and understanding. I would definitely recommend him!”

David Vestal


“I’ve studied guitar with Andy for about 8 months now, and am enjoying the experience tremendously. Andy has a very gentle teaching style, so if you’re nervous or self-conscious about your skills (as I was), I would highly recommend checking him out. I’ve used the time to explore a variety of different styles (acoustic, fingerstyle, classic rock on the electric, and about to break into some jazz/classical). Andy can teach just about anything, and I’m a lot better than I was when I started. Andy emphasizes music theory in his teaching, which I find invaluable. It’s really nice to know not just what you’re playing, but also the theoretical underpinnings of why it sounds good. All in all, I am extremely happy with Andy as a teacher, and I think anyone would be.”

Jason S.
Parent | Google Review

“My son has been taking lessons from Andy for 4 1/2 years. He first learned on the acoustic and transitioned to the electric guitar. Andy has taught him a wide variety of songs and introduced him to multiple music genres. He enjoys Andy’s teaching method of music theory. Andy makes the lessons fun. My son is able to play challenging songs in a short amount of time.”

Thomas H.
Student | Google Review

“Andy Lemaire is an outstanding and patient guitar teacher. I can’t recommend him enough. I always wanted to learn guitar but was too intimidated to try. In 2014 I came across Andy – gave it a shot – and have been working with Andy ever since! Learning from Andy has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Andy is extremely patient and reads his students well. Andy adjusts his approach to push me to progress without introducing any frustration. It always amazes me that Andy picks up right where we leave off after every lesson, which shows me how much he listens and adds value to his students. If you have any interest in learning guitar (or improving your mastery of guitar if you are more experienced) working with Andy will enable you to reach your guitar goals.”

Mendy Y.
Parent | Google Review

“Andy has been working with my daughter for over a year now. She loves going and practices all the time on her own! I think this is because Andy does such a great job of letting the student pick songs of personal interest. Andy’s musical expertise and background attribute to the extensive music theory my daughter is learning. He is a true professional. We couldn’t have picked a better guitar instructor in Greensboro!”

Stephanie D.
Parent | Google Review

“My 13 year old son has been a student with Andy for 2+ years. During this time, Andy has specifically tailored his lessons around not only his skill level, but also the type of music and songs that are of interest to my son. Andy’s encouragement and professionalism has allowed my son to develop his skills, his love of music and the opportunities for public performance has also increased his confidence and his willingness to step outside his comfort zone with success.”

Kelly H.
Student | Google Review

“I was introduced to Andy about two years ago from a good friend that was taking lessons from him and recommended him highly. As a beginner guitarist, I was naturally apprehensive but from the very first lesson Andy put me at ease and had me playing my first two chord song by the end of the lesson. Over the last two years with Andy he continues to impress me with how patient he is with me as we continue to try new and increasingly more difficult songs. Andy is an extremely talented musician that has the perfect personality for teaching others and I would recommend him to anyone young or old that is looking to take lessons.”

Randy Sherron


“At age 47 with no previous musical experience, I bought an acoustic guitar and started taking lessons from Andy Lemaire. After six months of weekly lessons, I have learned the fundamentals of the guitar, have learned to play many songs and enjoy playing for my family and friends. Andy is an excellent guitar instructor. He is a true professional who challenges me to improve but is very patient during the learning process. I am simply amazed at what I have accomplished so far.”

Steve T.
Student | Facebook Review

“I enjoy Andy’s thoughtful and patient approach to teaching. He tailored my curriculum to meet my personal goals. I would recommend Andy to anybody wanting to learn or improve at playing guitar.”