Offering Ukulele Lessons in Greensboro NC

ukulele lessons near me I also offer ukulele lessons. The ukulele such a fun and relatively easy instrument. It's small size and fewer number of strings make the learning curve on it a bit easier than the guitar.

Much like what I offer for guitar lessons, my teaching approach on the ukulele includes:

A Beginner's Course

I've put together a short course focused on learning how to strum basic chords. This course mostly uses samples from real songs to teach:

  • Simple chords like F, C, G, Am, and Em
  • Basic rhythm ability and the mechanics of strumming
  • How to read and interpret rhythm notation

Along the way, we will:

  • Start with the absolute easiest chords, and gradually work our way up to more difficult chord shapes
  • Introduce new chords one at a time
  • Gradually build the songs in length and complexity, until we are able to play through full songs

Adjustable Curriculum Afterwards

After we've finished the beginner's course (or if it isn't needed for an intermediate student), we'll settle into a more flexible pattern where the student can request songs to learn.

Depending on the student's interest, we'll also explore areas of playing like:

  • Finger picking, or finger-style playing
  • Singing while playing
  • Bar chords and other movable chord shapes
  • Improvisation

If you would like more information about ukulele lessons, feel free to contact me:


"My 13 year old son has been a student with Andy for 2+ years. During this time, Andy has specifically tailored his lessons around not only his skill level, but also the type of music and songs that are of interest to my son. Andy's encouragement and professionalism has allowed my son to develop his skills, his love of music and the opportunities for public performance has also increased his confidence and his willingness to step outside his comfort zone with success."

-Stephanie D. (via Google)

You can see more testimonials here.